An operational Business... straight from history

Saima as a mechanic company has a long history: it started out at the beginning of the XXth century under the name “Stabilimento Meccanico di Costruzione e Lavorazione” Federico Marzan”.

The manufacturing activity has gone on until the present day becoming "SAIMA S.p.a. industrie meccaniche."

SAIMA specializes in a very specific segment of large scale precision mechanics, standing out among the major highly reliable mechanical component manufacturers that have many applications around the world and in the most diverse sectors.

Operations such as:

turning, boring, coring, deep drilling, milling, grinding, smooth holes, bore pipes, grinding, hard chrome plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, welding, tapping, mechanical constructions, surface treatments, stress relieving, nitriding, burnishing, filling in bronze, ceramic coating, varnishing, sanding, monitoring, H8 and j7 tolerance, technical study, design, certification, inspection, testing, retrofitting, servicing, repair, reconstruction;


Manufacturing of:

oleodynamic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic jacks, ISO 6020cylinders, ISO 6022 cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, pressure boosters, high pressure, pressure intensifiers, hydraulic pistons, plasticizing chambers, screws, screwpump, pushers, mechanical components, metal products , forgings, flame cutting, forging, casting, laminated, tempered, polished pipe, stainless steel, special steel, duplex, super duplex, brass, aluminum, AISI 403 - 416, polished steel, chrome bar, chrome tube, ground rods, mechanical elements, gaskets, seals, wipers, bushings, mechanical fasteners, transducers, anti-unscrewing devices, monoblock connections, eyelets, machined shafts, smooth shirts, braking, accessories, rod, big wakes, cylinder heads, bottom plate, flange, roller, screw base, calendered, nucleus , polished body, valve, solenoid valve, distributor, actuator;


Accomplishment of mechanic work for various sectors such as:

precision mechanics, large-scale mechanics, mechanical design, marine engineering, geothermal energy, wind energy, hydropower, thermoelectric power, nuclear power, machine tools, special machines, machines for plastic, metal forming machines, metal-cutting machines, machines for marble and stone, woodworking machinery, glass machinery, packaging machinery, mechanical components for petrochemistry, drilling, earth moving, defence and security, decks, bulkheads, lock gates, roundabouts, sea docks, heavy lifting, designing.

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27 December 2011 Welder Approval Certificate in accordance with UNI 287-1:2007

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13 December 2011 SAIMA oleodynamic cylinders reached Colombia

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